We care for all stages of pregnancy from early to later on in pregnancy to full term healthy pregnancy, natural deliver, and speedy recovery following the birth of the baby.

Morning Sickness: In early pregnancy such as nausea and vomiting.

Miscarriage Prevention: If you have a miscarriage history, it is recommended that you have acupuncture and herbs for 2-3 cycles. This helps your body to regain your kidney and spleen qi as well as nourish your blood to support you to produce better quality eggs. Rebalancing your hormones helps prepare you for a successful pregnancy.

Breech Baby: If your baby’s position is breech after 34-38 weeks of pregnancy, it is better to try acupuncture-moxbustion therapy, which is a non-invasive method of turning your baby to normal position. Once the baby is in a suitable position it is possible to have a natural delivery. It is advisable to avoid cesarean section, if possible. I have successfully turned a breech baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy.

Overdue (40 weeks plus of pregnancy) Induction: If your pregnancy lasts over 40 weeks with no sign of onset of  labour, acupuncture can induce labour in a natural way, thus avoiding invasive medical procedures aimed at inducing labour.

Pre-birth Treatment for an Efficient Labour (Induced Labour): If this is your first pregnancy, we suggest that you have pre-birth efficient labour treatment from 38 weeks onwards. These 2-4 sessions of acupuncture treatment can shorten the labour time from over 24 hours long to 8-10 hours. It can also regulate the uterus, promoting efficient contraction, and lessen the stress to mother and baby, resulting in a pleasant labour. If this is your second or third pregnancy and you have previously had a natural delivery, then you can have pre-birth treatment at week 40 for 1-2 sessions of acupuncture, which will make a significant difference with your natural labour.

Qiong-Di has been specialising in the fertility field for many years


Qiong-Di has specialised in the fertility field and in the treatment of both female and male infertility for the last 17 years. She gained clinical experience in the fertility area in China, and has personally developed an effective and natural method of fertility treatment.  Qiong-Di’s fertility program is tailored to suit each individual couple and has effectively improved both female and male fertility and enhanced the success rate of in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Complications of pregnancy

Such as oedema, anaemia, hypertension and insomnia can be managed by acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Acupuncture treatment can be effective for problem such as diminished milk flow or mastitis.

Insufficient lactation


If after 2 – 4days of child birth, the mother has no milk or very little milk, it may indicate that the mother suffer from insufficient lactation. This may relate to a deficiency in the milk source, due to deficiencies in qi and blood after labour, or liver qi stagnation inhibiting its flow. Acupuncture and Chinese breast milk promoting teas can be prescribed to help induce breast milk production.



It is a breast infection which usually presents as an area of the breast that is sore, red, hot, and possibly hard to the touch, along with fevers and chills. Acupuncture and herbs can treat this condition by clearing any toxic heat build up and unblocking ducts to allow the flow of milk.

Post Natal Depression (PND)


PND often starts within one or two months of giving birth. It can also begin several months after having a baby. About a third of women with PND have symptoms which began in pregnancy and continued after birth. Symptoms can include depression irritability, tiredness, sleeplessness, change in appetite (loss of appetite or comfort eating), inability to enjoy anything, loss of interest in sex, negative & guilty thoughts, anxiety, avoidance of other people, hopeless etc.

If you have experienced these symptoms during pregnancy or after child-birth, please feel free to call in to our clinic. Get some support from acupuncture and Chinese herbs to solve your condition as soon as possible. Don’t let these symptoms ruin your life


"I was suffered from depression, on anti-depressants, adjusting to an under-active thyroid, all whilst unsuccessfully trying for a baby for two full years. I contacted Qiong Di and five months later I was pregnant with a beautiful little baby girl. Qiong Di not only helped us to get pregnant, but she also brought me a stronger sense of health and well-being in general. Thank you, thank you Qiong Di, and I wish all the best to your wonderful practice!"


Mrs. S.M.

"As I got older, I also found it more difficult each time to keep to the regimen of a diet. I decided that I needed to try something different, so I turned to acupuncture. Since then, I have lost nearly 35 pounds and I feel absolutely great! The weight loss was over 3 months during which time I did not experience that light-headed feeling or even the dreaded hunger pangs! The inches just melted away from my waist and I have gone from a size 40+ inch waist to a 34. This is all due to Qiong Di’s effective weight loss programme."


Mrs. B.P.

"I first noticed I had TMJ when I was 20 years old in 1997, and over the years the condition got worse causing me to have great pain and discomfort in my jaw muscles. I tried everything including a specially made TML gum shield, osteopath treatments, many kinds of pain killers, and even practiced special jaw exercises. Then, after just one session with Qiong Di I knew that I had found the solution to my problem. Since this time I have been living pain free! So I would highly recommend the TUNG-CHI TCH Centre to anyone who is looking for an alternative treatment."


Mr. L.W.

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