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Hair Loss and Chinese Medicine


Based on the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, the main cause of hair loss is blood deficiency. Sufficient blood depends on the normal function of following organs: liver, spleen, lung, heart, and kidney. Liver stores and regulates the volume of circulating blood; Spleen transports and transforms the food, absorbs nutrients to nourish blood; Lung dominates the skin and hair; Heart controls the blood and vessels, houses the mind; Kidney stores essence, produces the marrow, and manufactures the blood; Kidney is essential for shinning the hair.

The deficiency of the kidney results in insufficiencies in the essence and the blood; the essence and blood deficiency can lead to lack of nutrient supply to the hair, and consequently causes hair loss. If the kidney qi fails, then the hair falls off.

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Insufficiency of liver blood manifests symptoms like sudden patch of hair loss, smooth skin at the alopecia areata accompanied by complexion, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, blurred vision, and women often have light menstrual flow or amenorrhea, pale tongue, and thin pulse. Treatment is to nourish both the liver and the blood. Stagnation in liver qi displays symptoms like hair loss, depression, chest pain or breast tenderness, and women have irregular menstruation, thin white tongue coating and tight pulse strings. Treatment is to soothe the liver and relieve depression.

Deficiency in heart qi and blood manifests symptoms like hair root suddenly falls off in round or oval flaky shape, and the affected area has bright skin, mild itching, no inflammation and no sensation on effected scalp skin; or all hair and eyebrows are stripped, accompanied by heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue and spontaneous sweating, pale complexion, and fatigue. Cure is to nourish the blood and calm the mind

Toxins such as chemicals, pollution, certain drugs, bad habits, etc. can accumulate in human body and subsequently cause hair loss. Many treatments for hair loss are not effective because the toxins in the body have not been removed.

Long term of stress leads to blood deficiency or blood stasis, thus resulting in blood heat. The excess or deficiency of blood heat generates wind; the wind and heat flow up to dry hair roots, then the hair will gradually fall off.

Balancing diet can nourish the qi and the blood, and improving functions of the five organs to prevent the hair loss.


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