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Fertility Testimonials


"I was suffered from depression, on anti-depressants, adjusting to an under-active thyroid, all whilst unsuccessfully trying for a baby for two full years.
I contacted Qiong Di and five months later I was pregnant with a beautiful little baby girl. Qiong Di not only helped us to get pregnant, but she also brought me a stronger sense of health and well-being in general. Thank you, thank you Qiong Di, and I wish all the best to you and your wonderful practice!"


Mrs. S.M.

Weight Loss Testimonials


"As I got older, I also found it more difficult each time to keep to the regimen of a diet. I decided that I needed to try something different, so I turned to acupuncture.
Since then, I have lost nearly 35 pounds and I feel absolutely great! The weight loss was over 3 months during which time I did not experience that light-headed feeling or even the dreaded hunger pangs! The inches just melted away from my waist and I have gone from a size 40+ inch waist to a 34. This is all due to Qiong Di’s effective weight loss program."


Mrs. B.P.

Pain Relief Testimonials


"I first noticed I had TMJ when I was 20 years old in 1997, and over the years the condition got worse causing me to have great pain and discomfort in my jaw muscles. I tried everything including a specially made TML gum shield, osteopath treatments, many kinds of pain killers, and even practiced special jaw exercises.
Then, after just one session with Qiong Di I knew that I had found the solution to my problem. Since this time I have been living pain free! So I would highly recommend the TUNG-CHI TCH Centre to anyone who is looking for an alternative treatment."


Mr. L.W.

Hair Loss Testimonials


"I am 68 years old and was losing my hair for 18 months. I tried west medicine for a year and half, but the hair kept getting thinner and thinner, as well as losing two large patch of the hair.
After a few sessions of acupuncture, my hair started to feel stronger, and after four weeks of treatment, I could clearly start to feel that my hair was growing back. Eight weeks later, my head was completely covered with healthy strong hair and I felt more confident about myself without wearing a hat."


Mrs. ***

Asthma Testimonials


"I am 59 years old male who has suffered from recurrent attacks of Asthma for the last 12 years. I have been sent to the hospital 40 times due to Acute Asthma Attacks. I was using Spiviva 18 mg (once every morning), Seretide 250 mg (twice daily) and Combivent metered aerosol inhalers throughout the year.
After I received a course of Acupuncture treatment from Dr. Qiong Di Wu, all my symptoms disappeared. Now I am enjoying golf without using any inhalers and my weight has also reduced by 6 – 8 pounds, by being off the Asthma medication. I am incredibly pleased that I’m off the medication after 12 years."


Mr. Doniel O'D.

Skin Conditions Testimonials


"As a female aged 26, I had been suffering from itchiness on the back of my neck and my upper right arm for 10 years, being awakened regularly during the night with severe itching. My skin had become thick and leathery because of all the scratching. I had tried Western for years but this has been no help to me.
It was diagnosed as Neurodermatitis and I completed two courses of Acupuncture treatment with Qiong Di. And within three months of the start of my treatment, my skin had completely recovered."


Ms. ***

Facial Paralysis Testimonials


"I visited Qiong Di’s clinic in 2003 after the right side of my face was suddenly paralyzed when I woke up one morning. I had an abnormal taste and a few other symptoms for two days before this happened. A doctor told me that it could take 3 to 6 months to recover 70% and that there might be some complications left.
I had a few acupuncture treatments combined with Chinese herbal medicine in Qiong-Di’s Clinic. On the fifth day my face started to recover, and four weeks after the first onset of symptoms, my face had fully recovered without any complications. I highly recommended those who suffer from facial palsy to try acupuncture."


Mrs. ***


Qiong-Di Wu (Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Lic Acu and Herbalist) is a member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Council of Ireland, the Irish Register of Chinese Herb Medicine, and the Association of Tradition Chinese Medicine in the UK.


We work in partnership with our patients by carefully tailoring treatments to the individual.


“Health is the greatest possession.
Contentment is the greatest treasure.
Confidence is the greatest friend.
Non-being is the greatest joy.”

老子 (Lao Tzu) – Chinese Philosopher in 4th century BC


As you know, no two books are the same. So we create bespoke treatments to address the specific needs of each individual patient.

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